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  • home : The Problem with Facebook

    The Problem with Facebook

    Google Plus also fixes that pesky bug in Twitter where all the posts are too short.

    This coming weekend I’ll be at SPACE in Columbus, Ohio. Next weekend I’ll be at MoCCA Festival in New York City. See you there!

    Oh hey, here’s a link to my Google+ page by the way :)

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    1. Suppish says:

      hahahahaha :D :D

    2. André says:

      Your problem is changing!!!! Facebook’s too mainstream

    3. Vijay says:

      This is super cool comic.

      Liked the concept very much.

    4. Timeeeeeee says:

      This comic is boring …

      G+ surely wants to be like FB, because of many users were many many ads could be placed. But at the moment G+ is “cooler” than FB, because it is not FB. :-)

      And I am not that about this because all dumb people at FB are not in G+. :-)

    5. Timeeeeeee says:

      I meant: I am not that sad about this because the people on G+ are a lot better then then the people on FB.

    6. Katie says:

      The antisocial social network. It’s perfect for me. ;)

    7. Neshtoto says:

      LoL, that’s nice one :) :) : )

    8. shoaib says:


    9. Nataly c says:

      I have one because of my blog


    10. LOL, I do use Google Plus but it pales in comparison to the popularity of facebook.

    11. Will Burns says:

      And then in January 2013, Google+ surpasses Twitter in number of users, and is now the #2 social network on the rise, while Facebook is crippling itself and falling. It’s fun reading these comics and the comments at the time.

      It’s like watching the reaction to Facebook when everyone was using Myspace… or Friendster… etc. If anyone needs me, I’ll be on G+

    12. codeh says:

      G+ was trying to be like facebook, and they succeeded. problem was, people were already on facebook, so why switch? G+ didn’t have enough new features to attract people.

    13. Andy says:

      The problem with G+ is that it’s a failure, and Googles approach to address that failure is to ban you from Youtube, or ban you from making Playstore reviews unless you agree to have a G+ account.

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