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I love to take my Mac to Apple store to visit with those Mensa chaps


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  • Works on so many levels. At first it seems like a hit on every other computer than a Mac. But then it could also be a hit on Mac users who carry their computers, as opposed to everyone else who expect their computers to carry them.

  • It would be more interesting if a goal was present, like an item on a high shelf. To reach it, the Mac user is boosting up his robot and letting the robot grab it, while the Windows user is stepping on his robot to reach it himself. That could work in multiple metaphoric levels.

  • The first half immediately got me thinking of all the parents with a kid on their shoulders that I see around here a lot, having a good time together. Intimacy and love shared amongst family.

    The second half doesn’t look like a good time for either one, and seems like a master/servant scenario.

  • I see two intentical robots.
    One receives a special treatment and more like a fashion object.
    One receives actual work for what it was bougth.
    Because the two robots are same, i will assume that they serve the same purpose and virtually would do the task equally good.
    BUT why is the man happy about having a robot that he has to work for? The task ,i also assume ,was also the same.
    What makes the robot soo special?
    Maybe it was the marketing that justifies the higher price for dubious reasons?
    Maybe he is just ignorant, thus happy.
    In addition the other guy is looking at that mac user
    and thinking why is he wasting good money if he does not even use it for what it was meant for.

    • I have owned pcs in the past and had nothing but a headache of an experience. I did everything that I was supposed to do as a windows user. I kept the software up-to-date. I made sure that my AV software worked. The list goes on. However I was always let down by machine. I finally got a MacBook and my computer experience is several times better now. Mac users will understand this comic. Macs just work and, as kwerky as this may sound, they become “little buddies” that we like to treat right.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • LMAO. As long as there is that apple light the world is right!
        Its a Jeep thing.
        Tree huggers drive a Subaru or a Prius, and smell their own farts (southpark ref).

        I work on Linux, Windows, and Apple. They are all full of problems and they all have good things. For one to blindly say Mac never has problems is ignorant of technology. I fix Mac issues as much aas I fix non-Mac issues. They are just different issues. I will give you the iPods, iTunes, iPhoto, iMail, and what not all work 99% of the time on the Mac and crash on Windows based computers. The funny thing I look at is that the fastest growing container at Microsoft is Apple software.
        Apple is a hardware company that writes software for its hardware.
        Microsoft is a software company that writes software for people’s hardware.

  • Strange how people are focusing on the “carrying” part. I look at the Mac pic and think of me playing piggy-back with my son, having fun together.

  • can you put one for linux users with both computer and user wearing an ascot and fez, having a good ole one-on-one ( seeing eye to eye ) chat about something useful?

    • Haha! That’s brilliant! No need to do it though, I can picture that scene already :)

      BTW I agree with some of the other posts here, I saw the Mac user as having fun with his computer, not trying to strangle it…

  • The way I read this comic:

    The Mac is the Mac user’s baby. The Mac user loves it and feels good about owning it, pretty much the same way a Porsche owner will feel good about his Porsche.

    The regular PC is the regular PC user’s slave. The PC user doesn’t really care about it and couldn’t care less about owning any specific PC, pretty much the same way a Hyundai owner won’t care about or feel good about owning her Hyundai.

  • I think it’s simple: The Mac user enjoys using his computer to accomplish something. The other user(s) can get the same work done but don’t enjoy having to coax/cajole/force/ride their machines to do so. I use lots of platforms and am not a Windows basher or Mac apologist but I smiled at the cartoon. I pretty much agree.

  • The robot on the left should be carrying the person.

    I love my ThinkPad. It looks good, feels good, has nice design touches and works dependably and hard.

    Sent from my iPad (really!)

  • I think that the comic portrays what happens when you compare how a lot of families treat pets after having kids and before having kids.

    Mac users are in two areas. The first being the everyday user who doesn’t want to risk infection as easily as a windows user, but also compromises their budget and their ability to communicate and share files as easily. The latter is getting better everyday, but not because of Apple themselves. It is getting better for the software third party vendors are writing for Mac now. The second area is the hacker. Apple OS offers a lot less vectors of attack so when testing a network the reciprocity available to be used against you is less. Less risk usually = higher reward. Mac is also minute market share so most people do not have access to the OS to learn its faults and exploits. This is becoming less true everyday as the hackers have realized that most Mac users are oblivious to the fact that bad things can happen to them while using their Mac, so gaining root and keeping it has turned out to be easier. Yet until Mac is adopted by the real world in larger numbers, the risk to get caught is higher due to lower payoff to hack a Mac.

    Windows has always been the mainstay of Enterprise computing. Your IT department will hand you a windows based pc 99% of the time. They may even ban you from bringing a Mac based PC into their network. This is derived from fear of Entourage taking down the Exchange server, or OS X breaking shared file stores and printers. Windows is quickly changing the Enterprise only usefulness with the onset of Windows 7 pc’s and I think will tilt the scale even more with the onset of Windows 8 next year. Then we will see Windows owners start to exalt their pc’s also. As high as the cult-ish following of Mac? Prolly not, but exalted still the same.

    Mac users seem to exalt their computers to a higher status than themselves. They would prolly skip a meal, but never skip a chance to promote or pamper their Macs. On the contrary, Windows based PC’s are workhorses designed and bought to plow fields, not look at or edit pictures of other people plowing fields. Homeowners do not treat their hammers like Carpenters do. Car hobbyist do not treat their cars like Nascar drivers do. To one their pc is a tool and to the other their pc is an extension of themselves. In closing a link to an old article I have bookmarked:

  • Where is the version of the Mac wielding a spinning rainbow chainsaw as it severs my limbs, leaving me bleeding to death, over worked, overstressed, past deadline, and nothing but spinning gay chainsaw and blood??? That’s more akin to my Mac experience.

    And where is the picture of just the guy, probably grinning ear to ear on a sail boat, with the “robot” WAAAAAAY back in the distance, like a tiny little dot, if even that visible? That would be Linux: working away, out of mind, out of sight, always ready to just do its damn job and get out of the way! ;-)

  • I’ve had both PCs and Macs and they both frustrate the heck out of me. We need more interaction design, by people who know what they are doing. Computers are still in their infancy. and they are still dancing-bear-ware.

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Christiann MacAuley Hi! I’m Christiann MacAuley and I’ve been creating and posting comics on this website since 2006. For more comics and recent updates, check out my GoComics site, Instagram, and author page on Cosmopolitan. Join my email list for weekly new stuff!

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