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    How to Use An Open Bar

    #OpenBarHacks in the parlance of our timesLessons I’ve learned. Another original Cosmopolitan.com comic.

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    News + Updates

    SPX 2014 in DC! September 13-14


    The Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland (almost DC) is this coming weekend, September 13-14! This is one of my most favorite comics-related events, where you can find a mindblowing bunch of indie comics, zines, and amazing creative types everywhere.

    I’ll be appearing all day Saturday and Sunday at table A13! (Actually, table A13b, where “b” means half of table A13.) Please stop by and see me! I’ll be giving away free postcards with my art on them and selling t-shirts, tote bags, comics prints, and other stuff. Please come by and say hi :) Here’s a handy map:


    See you at SPX!

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    Cosmo page!

    Hi sticky friends! I have good news — I don’t have to link to every single one of my Cosmo comics from this site now that Cosmopolitan.com has redesigned their site to allow their authors to each have their own page.

    So check out my Cosmopolitan.com page! My new Cosmopolitan.com comics will continue to post every Thursday morning on their site. (Unfortunately, since the Cosmo redesign, some of my comics show up too small and can’t be “blown up”. Hopefully they will fix this in the coming weeks.)

    And I will continue to post my Cosmo comics on stickycomics.com a few months after they appear on the Cosmo site. Non-Cosmo stuff is also coming back soon, so please keep watching this space! :)

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    Cosmo Comics for April

    Hi guys! Here are some more links to my regular Thursday morning Cosmopolitan.com comics.

    After a little while I will repost these comics on stickycomics.com too!

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