Being Creative

I'm making ideas, I'm over nine thousand

Ideas are those rude next door neighbors who come home the middle of the night and keep you awake throwing wild parties that you could not possibly enjoy because you are already in bed and too tired anyway after your own long humdrum day of not actually accomplishing much.

UPDATE: I made a limited edition framed print of this comic for my Artomatic show! There is only one, and it would be super nice if you wanted to buy it! You can order it on my etsy page.

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3 comments to “Being Creative”
  1. This has been my life so many times but last night it was just awful.

    3 AM. I couldn’t get to sleep till 3 am. I finally had to get up and just write it all down, even tho I knew I wasn’t going to forget it because it was all stuff that really happened I just wanted to tell people.

    So awful. What a nightmare.

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