14 comments to “twitter bird & fail whale”
  1. This is a brilliant concept. The simplicity is wonderful and the humor is subtle but potent. Congratulations on creating something that is new and novel. Wishing you much success

  2. @Colin How the hell is Twitter ANNOYING? Because people talk about it on TV? I disagree and put forth that YOU are annoying and retarded.

    Also comic made me lol.

  3. @Sean You’re a douche bag. He complimented the work, and he’s most likely not retarded. He made one post, and did not use obnoxious all-caps words. In all honesty, your post was much more annoying than his ever will be.

  4. @ Colin, Sean, and Ryan: Oooooh it’s on now! You know it’s for real when you throw down on the internetz.

  5. What a GREAT cartoon. I love the bird referring to coffee as a benevolent dictator. Hilarious. I wish the comments function was disabled though as the name calling and overall hateful tone takes away from the fun of the art

    The twitter whale art was originally called Lifting Up A dreamer and is by an Australian artist named Yiying Lu

    please be kind to one another

  6. I love this. Mainly because I had to do a presentation on Benevolence today, which makes it at least a solid 14 times better. Hehehe

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