Thanxgiving sale! 25% off t-shirts and stuff :)

Thanxgiving sale on t-shirts and accessories

Hi everyone! You might remember that I screenprint my own sticky comics t-shirts along with a few other artists and we have our own online store called Ten East Read. We’re getting ready for the holiday season (when more people buy silly things like F. Scott Fitzgerald t-shirts) and decided to have our very first Thanxgiving sale!

So if you want to buy one (or several) of our rather awesome t-shirts, tote bags, baby onesies, and other stuff, go shop at our store now. Just enter the coupon code THANX11 at the checkout for 25% off on all our t-shirts, apparel, and accessories until November 30.

And whether or not you’re a part of our crazy American gorge-yourself-on-mashed-potatoes Thanksgiving tradition, have an awesome holiday — or regular — week :)