Valentine’s Day stuff for sale on etsy :)

Hi guys! It’s amazingly February already so I put some Valentine’s Day stuff up for sale on etsy!

 risky endeavor framed drawing on etsy valentine's day cards for sale on etsy robot love t-shirt for sale on etsy  i want to f scott fitzgerald t-shirt for sale on etsy

First off, I had framed an original drawing of mine for an art show a while back. The drawing, Risky Endeavor, was on in 2010. I wasn’t sure what to do with it so it’s been hanging out at my apartment. Now you can buy it for Valentine’s Day!

Secondly, I created some Valentine’s Day cards in 2010 and recently discovered some left over. Please buy them! You can get a 3-pack on etsy for just $6.

Thirdly, what’s more romantic than robots in love? NOTHING. Why not buy a robot love t-shirt (or baby onesie) designed by my fellow Ten East Read screenprinting collaborator, Eric Lerch?

Fourthly (and lastly), is F. Scott Fitzgerald your Valentine? You may be in need of an I Want To F Scott Fitzgerald t-shirt, conceived by t-shirt collaborator (and twin sister) Sheridan MacAuley.

To sum up, please buy some stuff from the Ten East Read etsy shop that I create and share with a few close friends :) And have an awesome V-Day! (It’s February 14!)